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Hertford Controls was formed in late 1992, taking over the Schaltbau agency from MAN GHH, who had themselves been appointed the successor to FKI (formerly Thorn EMI) just two years previously.

The common thread to all three agencies is Chris Jowitt, MD of Hertford Controls who has been associated with Schaltbau products since the mid 1970’s.

From the beginning, we made it our business to offer an improved level of service to our customers through reduced lead times, on-time deliveries and customer support derived from knowing what we’re talking about.

Over the years we involved ourselves in many of the major UK rail projects, finding applications for Schaltbau’s tried and tested range of switching and connecting products.

The most important and widely recognised of these was, and still is, the green snap action switches fondly referred to as the “Green Goddess” but more accurately known as the S800 range. The outstanding quality of this flagship switch put it on top of the specifier’s list whenever safety, long life and dependability were the criteria.

In the early days we spent almost all of our time on this snap action range but as time went by we spread the word that other products within our range, particularly DC contactors, had equally important benefits for the end user.

Now, when traveling on the overground or underground rail networks in the UK, you can be sure that our products are working long and hard in the traction/braking controls, door mechanisms, air conditioning and so many other arduous applications.

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